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Your 4-Part Networking Elevator Pitch

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Have you ever hopped on a networking call and completely froze when asked "so, tell me about yourself?"

Do you blank in a group setting when everyone's going around and introducing themselves quickly and you don't know what to say to stand out?

Does your elevator pitch end with something along the lines of "sooooo yeah...that's me?"

If ANY (or all) of those rang true for you, today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast is just what you need to kiss those elevator pitch fears goodbye! 👋

In this 35-minute episode, you'll walk away with:

✨ A 4-part strategy to create an "elevator pitch" that you can perfect for any type of networking call or event

⏰ Strategies to make your pitch fit into whatever time you may have depending on the type of networking you do

🎯 Tips for making sure that your elevator pitch is helping you achieve your networking goals 

🤝 Tools to shift your elevator pitch content depending on how much you'd like to include/what's relevant


We'll be covering the topic of Crafting Your Elevator Pitch, as well as:

🔎 Finding Your L&D Niche

🎯 Setting Your L&D Networking Goals

🤝 Building a Diversified L&D Networking Ecosystem

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