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Transforming Organizational Culture Through Facilitation with Kirsty Lewis

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Ever wondered how a facilitator can transform an organization's culture?

In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I'm joined by the Founder of the School of Facilitatin, Kirsty Lewis as we unravel the art of facilitation in leadership.

We're unpacking:

👥 The unique dance between training, facilitation, and coaching

🧊 The 'iceberg model' in facilitation - what's beneath the surface matters!

🎨 Mastering workshop design - blending purpose with creativity

Discover how facilitation skills not only guide teams but also shape organizational culture. And for those eager to enhance their facilitation toolkit, Kirsty shares insights on self-awareness, workshop strategies, and the subtle differences that make a big impact. 

How do you see facilitation shaping your career and leadership style? Share your thoughts below! ⬇️


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