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Making Strategic L&D Lateral Career Moves

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Have you been thinking about making a lateral move in your L&D career?

In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I help you look beyond job titles and identify if making a lateral move is the right decision for you!

We're deep diving into all of the different considerations including:

💡Thinking beyond job titles and salaries and aligning career objectives with job responsibilities and growth opportunities

💡How to identify career growth opportunities during the interview process, and how to do your own research to find key indicators of promotion trends inside of the organizations

💡Why you should be considering your lifestyle goals, personal preferences, and timing when it comes to lateral moves

💡How soon you should be having career development conversations in your new role, and why you should always be nurturing your network, updating your resume, and investing in your personal brand

💡When taking a lateral move may not be in your best interest (spoiler alert, this one's all about mindset)

Deciding to (or not to) take a lateral career move is 100% personal. 

What have been deciding factors for you in taking (or not taking) a lateral move?


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