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Setting Your 2024 L&D Career Goals

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Ready to launch into your new L&D role in 2024 but are soooo over setting a SMART goal to do it?

I've always been iffy on using SMART goals as a way to set career goals, and inside today's episode of The L&D Career Club, I'm giving you a whole new strategy to make sure you are creating goals you have power over achieving! 🔋

Today we're focusing on:

👉 Why SMART goals don't work when it comes to setting career goals

👉 How to take an intention-led approach to setting goals aligned with what you want to achieve

👉 My 4-step process to creating R.E.A.L goals (a new formula I've been working on as an alternative to SMART goals)

👉 The science behind keeping your goals to yourself vs. sharing them with the world


Have you already set your career goals for 2024? If so, DON'T share them below! 🤣


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