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5 Ways to Stand Out in Your L&D Job Search

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Tired of sifting through advice to try and stand out in your L&D job search?

In today's episode of The L&D Career Club I'm sharing FIVE ways you can start to create an intentional shift in your strategy to ACTUALLY stand out in your job search. We're talking practical steps you can apply today including:

👉 Whether or not you should make your resume "ATS friendly" and what that *actually means

👉 Shifting your content strategy if you want to use LinkedIn to help you land a role

👉 How to network without always feeling like you have to "sell yourself"

👉 Where you should spend time when it comes to upskilling

👉 How to know when to take or leave advice

It's also fitting that this is episode 136 since I'm turning the big 3-6 on Friday and currently running my annual birthday sale! 🎂

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