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What’s Next for The Overnight Trainer Podcast

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Today's episode of The Overnight Trainer Podcast is the 100TH episode, and it's  going to be the last one...


As of next week, The Overnight Trainer Podcast will transition into The L&D Career Club Podcast, where we will be continuing to build a positive community of purpose-driven people looking to grow in their L&D careers.

Along with the podcast name change, inside this episode I dive into:

✨ Why I retired my number one selling program, FAST TRACK

✨ An introduction to The L&D Career Club MEMBERSHIP

✨ A behind the scenes look at my SECOND podcast, Good Learning


If you're ready to become a Founding Member of the L&D Career Club, make sure to listen to this episode for 20% off the PRESALE price! We go live inside the club in March, so snag your founding member spot now.



Use code: FOUNDER20


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