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What L&D Hiring Managers REALLY Look For In Candidates

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Are you spending your time focusing on what L&D hiring managers *really* look for when it comes to adding talent on their team? 🤔

Most likely, you have it backwards! ⏮

In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I break down the results from a recent survey I did to get to the bottom of what L&D hiring managers really want from candidates! 💡

Not only do I dive into the results, but I offer some strategies to make sure your time, energy, effort, and money are going towards actions that will give you momentum and move the needle forward in your L&D career transition! 🔑

Where are you currently spending your time in your L&D career transition, and after listening to today's episode, is it *actually* in alignment with where you should be?

Today is also the LAST day to join the L&D Career Transition Personal Development Plan workshop series! We kick off today and I teach you an aligned and strategic approach to what you should (and should not) be focusing on developing for your L&D career transition! DM me to snag a last minute spot!

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