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The Art (and Science) of Onboarding Yourself & Others w/ Jessica Rivera

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Get ready to set fire 🔥 to all your blank notebooks you plan to take with you to your next new job because I've got Jessica Rivera on The L&D Career Club Podcast today, and she's schooling us on how we can set OURSELVES up for success in our brand new roles. 💥


In today's episode (which is a longy, but a goodie) we tear apart outdated ways of looking at onboarding and step into a modern onboarding paradigm that *actually* helps us onboard faster and with more intention. We cover all the onboarding topics such as:

📚 How Jessica defines onboarding, and why everyone at your org needs to be on the same page with how you all define it

📚 Where most L&D teams go wrong when it comes to creating onboarding programs and who's ultimately responsible for onboarding success

📚 Why you don't need the world's largest budget to create impactful onboarding experiences

📚 How you can take ownership of your own onboarding experience to accelerate your own professional growth

...and so much more! Like I said, this is a MEATY episode, but one you'll want to take some serious notes for!

Jessica and I are also giving away ONE free copy of her New Job Notebook, so make sure to listen to today's episode for how to enter for a chance to win a copy!


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