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The ABCDs of Landing Your Dream L&D Role

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Honestly...I'm sick and tired of reading posts on here that say "The only way to land a new job is to____."

Repeat after me...there is no one "RIGHT" way to land your next role, and if your strategy is nothing more than a Frankenstein approach of piecemeal advice from dozens of other people, today's L&D Career Club Podcast episode is for you!

Today I dive into:

4️⃣ The 4 areas to look at when assessing your own L&D career transition strategy

🤔 Why it's important to consider where you're getting your career transition advice from and how to make sure it will be applicable to you

⚡️ How much energy and emphasis you want to put into each area (spoiler alert: it depends on you as a human)

🤗 Tips to make sure you're bringing your whole self into the process of career transitioning

In this episode I share some personally exciting news (hint: 📚) and also talk more about my new podcast and Fractional CLO Agency, Good Learning, which will be launching so so so soon! 🎉

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