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Owning Your Talent Development Career with Andy Storch

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As TD and L&D professionals, we dedicate our careers to the development of other people, so they can grow in THEIR careers...

But how are we pouring back into ourselves?

In today's episode of The Overnight Trainer Podcast, I chat with Podcast Host, Speaker, Author, Coach & Consultant, Andy Storch, on how we as TD & L&D profressionals can start to OWN our careers, and our lives!

Some of the questions I asked Andy include:

What does it really mean for someone to "own" their career AND life?

Why is having a community of other TD professionals is so important to owning your own career?

What do you think separates GOOD L&D/TD practitioners from GREAT ones?

Where do you think new and existing TD professionals should focus their development?


We also talked about the unparalled TDTT Conference Andy is hosting next month in Sonoma, CA (where I'll be walking you through how to create a blueprint for your L&D career)! 


Join us at the conference here:

Connect with Andy here:

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