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Motherhood, Mental Health, and L&D Silver Bullets with Meredith Fish

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What does motherhood and mental health have to do with creating engaging employee development programs?

If you ask Meredith Fish, the answer is EVERYTHING.

In today's episode of The Overnight Trainer Podcast, VP of People and Culture at Workramp Meredith Fish and I dive deep into all things motherhood and mental health, and what that means for us who create L&D programming.

With her 19+ years of experience in L&D, as well as being a superhero mama, Meredith answers questions such as:

Where do you see L&D's role in creating a strong, inclusive employee culture?

Why is it so important for learners (and those creating learning) to fail?

How did focusing on your mental health impact your career AND your parenting?

What can L&D do to support mental health in the workplace?


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