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L&D Career Transition AMA: You Asked, I Answered!

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In April, I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on LinkedIn, and the questions were SO juicy 🧃, I just HAD to dive deeper in a podcast episode! In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I answer: 🧃 I'm transitioning to my first full-time ID role. I feel a bit overwhelmed about what I should be doing (other than applying to jobs that I qualify for). What first steps would you advise when moving toward a new role? (Thanks, Joseph Diaz!) 🧃 I have an idea for a new position that I want to pitch to upper management. I have prepared a presentation showing why it's needed, why it would benefit the company, how it would work, and why I would be the ideal person. I need an idea of how to approach them to set up the presentation first. (Thanks, Chuck Gamble!) 🧃 How to overcome imposter syndrome when it creeps up especially before an interview (Thanks, Tamar Chobanyan!) 🧃 As I look at postings for L&D roles (ones that I think fit my niche 😎,) one of the requirements that I feel keeps me out of the conversation for many of those positions is Learning Management System experience, which I do not regularly use. Any suggestions on how to build this up when time and budget for a subscription are thin? (Thanks, James Behan, Jr.!) 🧃 What can I do right now as a #transitioningteacher to stand out from all the others applying to L&D roles? (Thanks, Emily Gossett!) 🧃 I was working in part-time L&D adjacent roles starting in 2014 before landing a full-time role as an ISD in 2018. I want to include those experiences and the skills I gained from those part-time roles on my resume. Is there any reason to not include part-time roles? (Thanks, Katherine (Katie) Hislop!) I LOVED answering all of these questions, and can't wait to hear what resonated the most with y'all! 💕 P.S. The first module of The Nail Your L&D Niche LIVE Workshop Series is about to drop and is MIND 🤯 FREAKING 🤯 BLOWING! If you're done spinning your wheels and ready to find your dream L&D role, you can still join us! DM me for the link to get instant access into this program - our first live call is on Thursday 5/11! 🚀

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