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It’s Time To Modernize Your L&D Career Strategy

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Oooooh, someone help me off this soap box because today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast is 🌶🌶🌶.

After seeing dozens of posts this past week from job seekers and advice givers, it made me realize that SO many people are still operating like it's the job market of 2021 by:

❌ Choosing 1 or 2 roles and just sticking with it

❌ Tailoring their resume for every single job they apply for

❌ Applying to EVERY role that has the job title they have "chosen"

❌ Applying just for the sake of applying, even if they don't want the role

❌ Making their job search a full time escapade 


Well, welcome to 2023, the year of alignment! In today's episode I chat about why the above is HARMFUL for your search, and how you can get HOURS upon HOURS back by creating a more streamlined, aligned approach that *actually* helps you stand out and get hired.

I don't normally get this worked up but ya girl is TIRED of OLD SCHOOL advice. ✌️ What other "old school" advice have you been given? 👇


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