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How to ”Shop” For Your Next L&D Boss

Rewind 15 seconds
Fast Forward 15 seconds

Do you have a specific idea about what "type" of boss you want next?

Are you finding yourself thinking about the last great boss you had and wanting your next boss to fill those shoes?

If so...I invite you to rethink what you know about the best boss for you on today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast!

Today we're talking about one of my favorite topics -- boss shopping! I'm covering:

The 4 "types" of bosses (and yes, I'm using boss not leader because this episode isn't about leadership styles)

Questions to ask in an interview with a hiring manager to identify if this person is the best boss for you

Why putting a previous a boss you had on a pedestal can cloud your judgement when shopping for your next boss

How to start rethinking what you've known about what makes for a good (or bad) boss

After listening to today's episode, I'd love to know if your idea of what your next boss should be like has changed at all! 

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