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How to Set L&D Networking Goals

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If you've been treating your L&D network like Supermarket Sweep -- aka just adding connections left and right trying to play the quantity game, I invite you to put down the giant cheese wheel and start setting some networking goals to build an L&D network that *actually* works for you! 

In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I share:

🧠 The mindset shift you need to start making if you actually want a fruitful network

🎯 The 3 different types of goals you need to set BEFORE adding any more connections, joining any more communities, or going to any more events

↔️ Why networking is a 2-way street and how to stop being a selfish networker

👗 When it's time to clean out your networking closet so you can actually leverage the network you need


This episode is also a sneak peek into one of the topics we'll be covering inside of The Build Your L&D Network 4-week LIVE program kicking off next week! It is never too late to focus on building an intentional network, and no matter where you are in your L&D career, this program will give you the exact process to build a potent network! 🎯


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