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How To Prepare for Each L&D Interview Type

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Screener calls? Hiring Manager interview? Panels? Presentations? Meeting with the VP? ... Interviewing for that next L&D role can be INTENSE! 

But don't worry, I've got a strategy to help you cut your prep time by 90% and I'm sharing part of it in today's L&D Career Club Podcast episode!

I'm taking you on an interview adventure and walking you through:

🖐 The 5 different types of L&D interviews you'll likely go on

🎯 What the goals of each interview type are and how you should approach them

🙋🏾‍♂️ What types of questions you should be thinking about asking on each interview

🙊 What questions you should NEVER leave a first interview without asking

And if you're ready to say ✌️ out to outdated ways of preparing and showing up for interviews, Ace The L&D Interview LIVE is kicking off for the first time EVER next week! In this two-week program you'll walk away with a personalized interview strategy that will save you TIME and lead to you to crossing the finish line and FINALLY landing your dream L&D job 🏁

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Week 2: [PRE] Pre-Interview Planning: This module will cover what you need to specifically prepare for BEFORE each individual interview to stand out and shine

Week 3: [POST] Post-Interview Highlights: This module will cover best practices for how to rise to the top AFTER your interview is complete.

This program also includes DAILY live coaching from me, group support AND 2 LIVE sessions to practice your interview skills in REAL TIME! 

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