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How to Leverage the ATD Conference as a Jobseeker

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If you are a jobseeker AND heading to the Association for Talent Development Conference next week, this week's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast will take the overwhelm out of how to prepare and get the most out of the conference! 💕 In today's episode I cover: 🖐 My top 5 tips for how to leverage the ATD Conference as a jobseeker 💡 How to choose the right sessions for you, not just what you think you're "supposed" to attend 💼 Why you should stop by the Career Center (spoiler alert: to come see me and some of my amazing L&D friends) 🧠 How to best retain the information you learn at the conference 🌱 How to use the conference as a jumping off point to your own self development ...and so much more! I'll be there and speaking at the conference on three different topics: MONDAY 5/22: 12:00 PM– 01:00 PM Building a Strong L&D Network to Grow Your Career MONDAY 5/22: 04:00 PM– 05:00 PM Resume Reprogram Roundtable WEDNESDAY 5/24: 01:00 PM– 02:00 PM What’s Next? Creating Your L&D Career Path Blueprint Are you heading to ATD?! Let me know so I can see you!!!! ✨ P.S. Thanks to an L&D Career Club Member for asking this question and inspiring me to turn it into a podcast episode! If you're ready to land your dream L&D role, the doors to the L&D Career Club are open:


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