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How to Become a CLO with David James

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Wondering how to become a CLO? Whether you that's your long-term goal or next career move, David James, Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning joined The L&D Career Club Podcast this week to chat all about what it takes to advance to the highest levels of learning leadership! In today's episode, David drops alllll the L&D leadership bombs and shares: 🗺 His journey to accidentally getting started in L&D to becoming the Chief Learning Officer of 360Learning 🪜 The steps that prepared him for each leadership role (and what he wished he was more prepared for) ⚙️ What skills are needed to ascend to the highest levels of L&D leadership 💻 The role technology plays in our ability to develop learning strategy and modernize as learning leaders ...and seriously SO 👏 MUCH 👏 MORE! 🤯 Make sure to follow David for all things modern and digital L&D, and if you haven't checked out 360Learning, it's one of my personal favorite learning platforms out there. P.S. I also shared some personal news (aka my wedding happening NEXT WEEK 🙀) and allll of the May programming for the L&D Career Club membership! Doors are open, so get inside to join us for the most epic month! 🎉



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