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How to *Actually* Use Your L&D Niche to Land Your Dream Role

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Ready to get 90% of your time back when it comes to finding, applying, and landing your dream L&D role?

In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I break down EXACTLY how to use your L&D niche to streamline your entire career transition process.

Job searching should never be a second full time job, and when done right (aka aligned and intentional), you will gain back SO MUCH TIME.

What would you do if you were given 90% of your job searching time back? 

If you're ready to get that time back, Nail Your L&D Niche LIVE Workshop Series kicks off on Monday 5/8 and you can still grab the presale price of $555 until 5/1. 

You will walk away from this program knowing EXACTLY what the right role, at the right company looks like for you, and have a clear plan to get there, on YOUR timeline.

P.S. This live program is FREE inside of the L&D Career Club! Doors are open if you want to get an all-access pass to ALL live programs and courses for the next 6 months.

Links to register for Nail Your L&D Nicke LIVE & The L&D Career Club are in my profile!



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