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Give Your L&D Resume a Glow Up ✨

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Is your L&D resume due for a little makeover?

If it's not helping you land the interviews you want, it may be time for a resume glow up, and in this episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, I'm sharing a few tips you can use TODAY to give your resume a mini-audit. 

In this episode I'm peeling back the curtain and sharing:

🧠 The mindset shift you have to make when approaching designing (or redesigning) your resume

💋 Why you should think twice before prioritizing the look of your resume over it's function

📝 The reason behind why I never advise having a skills section on your resume (🫣)

🚀 How you can start to rethink the type of impact you showcase on your resume

📚 Why you need to make sure your resume is telling the story you WANT it to


I'm also sooooo pumped to be offering the L&D Resume Reprogram 2-Week LIVE program, kicking off next Tuesday the 15th! You'll leave with a completely redesigned one-and-done resume that we'll walk through step by step TOGETHER!

You'll also get your resume personally reviewed by our in-house Resume Coach and L&D Hiring Manager, Emma! 🎉

Join us here:


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