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Finding (and Becoming) A Great L&D Mentor with Chris Skees

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If you've ever wondered how to find (or become) a mentor in the L&D field, look no further than the mentor of all mentors, Chris Skees!

Chris is a Learning Product Manager at Cisco Meraki, and also just so happens to be our in-house mentor for The L&D Career Club. 🎉

Having taken a more non-traditional path to (and through) L&D, Chris knows first-hand the power of being mentored, and becoming a mentor. In today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast, Chris and I chat about:

👀 How to seek out a mentor in the L&D space, and what traits to look for in one

↗️ The role having mentors played in Chris's career growth

✨ Why people should consider becoming a mentor, even if they aren't "ready"

🤗 What responsibilities mentees have when it comes to mentorship, and how to be a good mentee

🚀 How organizations can use structured mentorship programs to increase learning effectiveness

...and so 👏 much 👏 more!


Chris is also going to give us a sneak peek inside his L&D Career Club 'Mentorship Mondays' session during L&D Career Summer Camp! Come prepared to ask Chris any L&D related questions that he can mentor you on!

Not enrolled in L&D Career Summer Camp? What are you waiting for?! You can use code CHRIS15 for 15% off your ticket into Camp!


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