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Creating and Owning Talent Mobility Strategies w/ Matthew Daniel

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In our latest episode, I sit down with the incredible Matthew Daniel, a luminary in talent strategy and career development at Guild, to unpack his rich journey within L&D. Here's what you'll gain from tuning in:

1️⃣ Career Trajectory Insights: Discover Matthew's evolution from retail assistant to a champion of career mobility, and get inspired by the strategic pivots that can lead to personal growth and professional achievement.

2️⃣ Navigating Career Mobility: Learn about the multifaceted nature of career mobility and how it extends beyond individual effort into systemic change within organizations. A must-listen for anyone facing or facilitating career transitions!

3️⃣ Building Durable Skills: Matthew sheds light on the importance of cultivating skills that withstand the test of time, offering a guide to balancing the development of both perishable and durable competencies in a fast-evolving landscape.

4️⃣ Strategy Alignment for L&D Professionals: Gain insights on aligning employee skills development with business needs, ensuring that learning outcomes translate into career advancement and organizational growth.

Matthew's wisdom is a treasure trove for any L&D professional looking to scale new heights 🌟. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from his experiences and get energized by our passionate conversation about making a meaningful impact in the world of learning and development.


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