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Becoming a Trusted Learning Advisor with Dr. Keith Keating

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Dive into this week's L&D Career Club Podcast episode as we sit down with the incredible Dr. Keith Keating! From dropping out of high school to ascending the ranks as a Chief Learning Officer, Keith's story is nothing short of inspirational. Together with our host Sarah, they dive into the world of learning and development, exchanging personal tales, and offering golden nuggets of wisdom.

🌟 Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Education Evolution: Discover Keith's transformative journey from high school dropout to becoming a C.L.O., emphasizing the power of practical skills and the significance of continuous learning.
  2. From Order Takers to Learning Leaders: It's not just about obtaining a degree. Dive deep into the shift from being mere order takers to embracing ownership of our learning trajectories.
  3. The Trusted Learning Advisor: Learn what it takes to be recognized and respected in the L&D space. Building credibility, honing essential skills, and understanding your stakeholders are the keys to success!

Plus, get an exclusive peek into Keith's book and the idea of becoming that trusted advisor in the ever-evolving field of L&D. Tune in now and get ready to be inspired! 🎙️✨


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