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Auditing Your L&D Career Transition

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If you've ever thought "nothing is working" when it comes to your L&D career transition, today's episode of The L&D Career Club Podcast was made for YOU!

Today I deep dive into the 3 main categories to look at when you are feeling stuck in your L&D career transition. Some key takeaways you'll have from this episode includes:

Where you may be going wrong when it comes to the roles you're choosing to apply to

How to audit your network and be an active participant in it

What your personal brand needs to reflect in order to give you momentum in your career transition

Would love to know from you - where do you feel most "stuck" when it comes to your career transition? ⬇️ Let me know and I'll tell you where you need to focus your audit!

P.S. I also reveal the L&D Career Club program calendar for March-August inside of today's episode, including TWO programs kicking off THIS MONTH:

1️⃣ The L&D Career Transition Success Codes Masterclass (On March 21st - and possibly a multi day class) In here we are going to dive deep deep deep into auditing your L&D career transition, and give you strategies to build actionable momentum and get unstuck.

2️⃣ The Sprint - 30 Day L&D Career Transition Challenge (Starting March 23rd) - IT'S BAAAAAACK! I ran this challenge last year and HOLY MACARONI the number of people who landed roles from it was amazing. You'll get 30 days of targeted exercises all designed to help you land your dream L&D role, and complete in less than hour per day.

Both of these programs can be purchased on their own, OR come FREEEEE inside of The L&D Career Club Membership! You can still use code FOUNDER20 for 20% a founding membership between now and 3/20/23!

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