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059: Why Resourcefulness Is The Skill Of The Future & How To Help Children Be Resourceful

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Today we are talking about the third and final skill of the Future, which is Resourcefulness. It is one of three core skills our children will need in order to face whatever future may have in store for them.


No matter what their life may look like, no matter what they choose to do, they will face challenges and will have to solve problems. That is why they will need to be resourceful in order to do that successfully.


And yes, Resourcefulness is a skill we can build.

It's not an innate quality some children get if they are lucky.


There is a lot we can do as parents to support the child's capacity for Resourcefulness. But guess what? You don't need to memorize another long list of things you should do. You are doing enough already! Instead in this episode I show you how to do less by thinking less about what you need to teach, but rather giving your child opportunities to learn on their own. 


Let's dive in and talk about what we can do to support our children in this area of their development.  


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Podcast Host: Julia Pappas, Psychologist & Parent Coach

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