The Parenting Presence podcast

The Parenting Presence

Julia Pappas, Psychologist & Parent Coach

The "parenting presence" is the inner strength and gentle wisdom available to any parent who is willing to spend time to get to know themselves. Parents who learn how their own emotional regulation works, how their needs are met, and how actions are guided by thoughts and interpretations — also discover an amazing source of influence and guidance available to them in parenting. Why? Because when parents know the rhythms of their own inner workings, they are also able to discover what makes their child tick. We have many questions when it comes to parenting and just about everywhere we turn – someone’s got the answer! But how do you tease out what really matters? The PARENTING PRESENCE framework is your guide to parenting essentials and it consists of THREE CORE ELEMENTS. It is based on simple principles of child development and incorporates deep personal values everyone holds as a parent. This is a podcast about the most essential parenting skills we need in order to raise children with confidence and intention. Isn’t it so much better to know with certainty what to do, rather than follow random advice? Exactly! Join Julia Pappas, Psychologist and Parent Coach, on the mission towards informed parenting simplicity. What to do when children have strong emotions? What if the child’s behavior is out of control? How to manage our own anger and frustration? Find answers to your burning questions and get strategies that work today and bring maximum impact for long-term sustainable relationship with your children. For show notes, downloadable parenting resources, and more information, please explore each episode.

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