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058: Why Resilience Is The Skill Of The Future & How To Help Children Be Resilient

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Today we are talking about the second skill of the Future, which is Resilience. It is one of three core skills our children will need in order to face whatever future may have in store for them.


No matter what their life may look like, no matter what they choose to do, they will need the skill of Resilience in order to manage it successfully.


And yes, Resilience is a skill we can build.


Whether a child has resilience or not, is not the question.  It is how much of it they have and whether they could benefit from strengthening their resilience muscle and have capacity for more. And, of course, we could all benefit from having stronger resilience.


Let's dive in and talk about what we can do to support our children in this area of their development.  




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Podcast Host: Julia Pappas, Psychologist & Parent Coach

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