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Serial Entrepreneurship + The Power of Giving Back with the co-owners of The Magnolia Company

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Welcome to Unstrictly Business, a podcast all about work-life balance, combating burnout, and cultivating success inside and outside the office. We do this by sharing behind-the-scenes interviews with successful business owners as well as other resources for busy business people. I'm your host, Calli! I'm the Founder of “Do Well Dept,” an inclusive online community that helps passionate work-from-home entrepreneurs & remote businesses achieve overall wellbeing for themselves, their employees, and their business. 


In this episode, I welcomed Julie and Matt Roth. As a husband and wife team, Matt and Julie co-own one business and have founded two others together. What started off as an investment in a few magnolia trees for winter filler flowers for florists, ended up turning into their three businesses: The Magnolia Company, Seeds of Life, and Mary’s Magnolias. Their first ever business, The Magnolia Company, offers handmade magnolia-inspired goods like magnolia wreaths, garlands, and swags, as well as other naturally inspired gifts.


Seeds of Life is a gift tree company that offers trees and plants for life’s most important people and occasions, but their best sellers are their memorial trees. Finally, Mary’s Magnolias, their cosmetic company, uses their magnolia flowers and cold pressed magnolia seed oil to make soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. You’ll learn how their three companies blossomed out of their Florida based farm, which has been in Julie’s family for generations, as well as many of the business tips they’ve learned along the way. 


The Magnolia Company and Seeds of Life has been featured in countless magazines like Southern Living and have even been featured on Oprah’s O list. So they share all their secrets to success and more. 


In this episode, you'll discover...



  • How Julie and Matt started their three businesses
  • How they’ve grown a team with a high retention rate
  • What helped them get through more difficult business times
  • The power of giving back as a business
  • 1 thing that has set their business apart



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