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Cultivating Better Health Practices with Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Kristen Kellogg

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Welcome to Unstrictly Business, a podcast all about work-life balance, combating burnout, and cultivating success inside and outside the office. We do this by sharing behind-the-scenes interviews with successful business owners as well as other resources for busy business people. I'm your host, Calli! I'm the Founder of “Do Well Dept,” an inclusive online community that helps passionate work-from-home entrepreneurs & remote businesses achieve overall wellbeing for themselves, their employees, and their business. 


In this episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with Kristen Kellogg, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, filmmaker, travel expert, and serial entrepreneur. Kristen is the founder of Mapped Wellness, a virtual integrative health coaching and functional medicine clinic, the co-founder of Border Free Media, a content marketing agency, as well as the co-owner of Salt & Wind Travel, a boutique travel company. Today, we walk through both Kristen’s business and health journey and the many moments where they’ve intertwined. Before getting certified as a health coach, Kristen used to spend about 85% of her time on the road for the work she did for both Border Free Media and Salt & Wind Travel. 


While staying busy might’ve seemed great for her business, Kristen shares how a combination of certain life practices, including her work schedule, exacerbated her extreme eczema and eventually led to her developing an auto-immune disease. We learn how Kristen dealt with multiple health crises and how Kristen eventually turned her health around and began Mapped Wellness. This episode is a great one for any business person out there who is struggling with their health or feels like their work might be negatively influencing their wellbeing. 


In this episode, you'll discover...



  • Where to start when experiencing health issues
  • When Kristen hit her health breaking point 
  • How to take better care of yourself as a business person
  • Kristen’s journey to Mapped Wellness



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