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EP13 - Getting Home

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RB and JD explore one of the most overlooked aspects of prepping, the Get Home Journey. 

The guys get out their Get Home Bags and go through item by item discussing what the item is and why its in their bag. 

JD's bag is focused on getting to and from work, and is disguised as a laptop backpack, but is packed with the necessities one needs to make it home on foot. 

RB took a page from ultralight through hikers, and has optimized his bag to be lightweight and comfortable in even the most demanding weather conditions. 

As they go through each others bags, they critique each other systems, looking for ideas to improve their own. 

If you would like to download a free copy of the guy's Get Home Bag checklist, which includes every item, weight, price and link to buy, swing by the Get Ready Podcast telegram channel

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