The Get Ready Podcast podcast

The Get Ready Podcast

Get Ready Podcast

”The Get Ready Podcast” is an essential guide for those seeking to be thoroughly prepared for an unforeseen, catastrophic event. This 15-episode series is meticulously crafted to transition listeners from complete novices to being fully equipped for a 3-month ’Sh*t Hits The Fan’ (SHTF) scenario. Join our Telegram channel and our website Each episode introduces key survival skills, strategies, and knowledge necessary for enduring and thriving in extreme situations. Topics range from making sure you have enough food and water, medication, setting up your retreat, getting home and bugging out. What sets this podcast apart is its practical approach, ensuring that every listener, regardless of prior knowledge or experience, can achieve a level of preparedness that could be life-saving in a crisis. ”The Get Ready Podcast” is not just about survival; it’s about preparation, resilience, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re ready for anything.

16 Episodes