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16 - Area Study

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When SHTF hits, you may not have access to all of the information on the Internet that we take for granted. 

  • The weather forecast
  • GPS and Maps
  • Search engines
  • Research websites
  • and so much more

An Area Study is like an off-line version of the most critical information for your area. What the climate is like, natural disaster risks, crime maps, population trends, doctor contact information, gas station locations, critical infrastructure maps and anything else that can help you plan out what to do in the apocalypse when the Internet is down.

Most of us are visual learners, and need an example to fully understand what a good Area Study should look like. The Get Ready team has put together 4 workbooks, each with a complete area study example that relates to specific areas:

  1. The Urban Operator - planning an escape route for those who work in the city.
  2. The Suburban Warlord - stuck in suburbia with nowhere to retreat to.
  3. The Small Town Hero - trying to ride it out in a small town setting.
  4. The Ranch King - Rural retreat located outside population centers.

Pickup a workbook and follow along as RB and JD discuss the fine art of preparing the Area Study.

We also want to announce our new website, GetReady.Life for those who are looking for preparedness products and training.

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