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15 Bugging Out II

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Do you have a P.A.C.E. plan for your bug out journey? 

P.A.C.E. stands for, "Primary", "Alternate", "Contingency" and "Emergency" and can be used in many different ways. You should have a P.A.C.E. plan for where your bugging out to, what route you're taking and your methods of transportation. 

In this episode, RB and JD go in depth on their Bug Out Plan's modes of transportation. Cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, bikes, scooters, horses, boats... you've got to think outside the box when it's SHTF. 

The big consideration when bugging out is of course, family. Transporting your family is very different than a solo Get Home journey, and your gear selection should reflect that specific mission. 

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