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EP12 - Medical for SHTF

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RB and special guest, Dr. Lee, discuss medical concerns for a 90-day SHTF event. They cover how to prepare your first aid kit for a bug out journey, how to setup a emergency clinic at a prepper retreat, and how to deal with combat wounds. 

Grab a notepad, because there are dozens of practical tips that could save your life, or the life of a family member. Here is just a sample of the many topics discussed in this episode:

  • Items in your bug out bag first aid kit
  • How to prevent blisters and take care of your feet
  • Pre-treating your body the night before
  • How to regulate body temperature and recognize warning signs of over exertion
  • Energy supplements and electrolytes to take
  • When the safest part of the day is to travel
  • Dealing with leg and foot injuries during the bug out trip
  • How to help a wounded member of your party
  • What equipment your retreat clinic should have
  • Which antibiotics are most important to have on hand
  • SOPs for preventing or treating injury after SHTF
  • How to quarantine a sick individual coming into the retreat
  • How to treat bullet shots and sucking chest wounds
  • So much more! 

Dr. Lee is a respected physician in the field of emergency medicine in Central, Virginia. 

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