ENSEMBLE 011 - Aho Ssan : Hors temps

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Temporality takes root everywhere: in our words, our feelings, everyday objects. It is all around us when we pay attention to it. Many people think time is our enemy, because we give it too much importance.

I would have preferred not to give this creation a name, but I decided to call it “Hors temps” (out of time). This mix aims to move us away from the grip of time, to feel a new mental space and to question our achievements. Music is a fundamental tool to experience different states to come: meditative state, auditory trance, space of escape… so many names, so many forms.

Since my first experience ‘out of time’, I tirelessly try to come back to it. I still remember in high school listening to “I Wonder” by Kanye West in my bedroom and being propelled into a whirlwind of totally unknown emotions. Was it a second, a minute or maybe an hour? Then again with “Getting There” by Flying Lotus, photography by Khalil Joseph, movements by Storyboard P, voice by Niki Randa. How is it possible ? The last work that propelled me out of time was the movie “Elephant still sitting”. Incredible experience of more than 4 hours carried out by Ho Bu, student of Béla Tarr, another director who tries to erase temporality. The intertwined destinies and complex links between different characters that are developed there, are themes that are also found in my work. This podcast is dedicated to Ho Bu

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