ENSEMBLE 004 - upsammy : Multi-Membrance Park

Do tyłu o 15 sekund
Do przodu o 15 sekund

"In this mix we find ourselves at a construction site yet inside a ruin: it is a place representing a transitional state. 5 vocal artifacts will guide you into a process of re-modeling, exploring and discovering. The music molds a new terrain ment for healing. Where we become miniature versions of ourselves. Where we are a particle, yet a star, traversing through textures. Where destruction becomes fertile, things are taken apart and examined. It is a constant dive through membranes both synthesized and acoustic, digital and analog, historical and futuristic. Materials stretch into objects, walls crumble into sand. What arrises is a Multi-Membrance Park where water falls into melody and leafs blow in the wind like flutes, where everyone can be warm and at home."

upsammy is a SHAPE artist 2020. SHAPE is a platform co-financed by Europe Creative program of European Union.



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