ENSEMBLE 006 - Simo Cell : Rave Lucide

Do tyłu o 15 sekund
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"I dream a lot. Or rather, I remember a lot of my dreams, since we all dream. It is there, in me, very strong and very present since my early childhood. Nested, lucid or premonitory dreams, they are a mode of perception in their own right. Unfortunately, they are often seen as pure fabrication of the mind or a mirage. However, to dream is to set a course, to forge a vision.

The dream is a power, a meaning that we can work on and develop. Beyond my personal experiences, I question the role and function of dreams in our world. Utopias and fictions are essential tools that guide the collective. Which trajectory is desirable enough for me to dream about ? Do we still dream of the future ? Individually, collectively?

My voice is accompanied by a selection of songs with evocative names, reminiscent of the dream."



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