ENSEMBLE 009 - Sofie Birch : Cycle of Metamorphosis

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“It feels like certain patterns of movement exist both on big societal scales and in the smallest everyday life. Something might break or crystalize, something might force you to adapt or inspire you to change shape, morph into something new.

I have always been interested in transformation. Sometimes I got caught in the thought that I had to change myself for the better. But I found that it is not about changing, but about existing in a constantly changing flow of polarities, ups and downs.

With this sound piece I have worked with eight different steps of a cyclic pathway that can go on forever in a loop. There is no right or wrong place to begin or end the loop. Every step of the path will come eventually and lead to the next step. Flow. Friction. Shatter. Zoom. Ray. Morph. Entity. Space… Flow.

The cycle of metamorphosis moves between elements of struggle, puzzles, alteration, and revelation. As an alternative to the theories of new beginnings on clean slates, ground zeros or linearly progresses, this cycle plays with the repetition of time. New worlds are built from old ones, new life springs from former life. We are all part of cycles: ecological, historical and spiritual. We can learn how to be present and patient knowing that everything moves and changes again.”



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