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Wedge Brands: How to Win @E-Commerce + Not Lose Your Soul

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Today’s unfiltered truth comes from my guest, Ian Stewart, the CMO of Wedge Brands. Wedge Brands is a Private Equity firm run by surfers, who manages a portfolio of outdoor brands that includes Xcel Wetsuits. Wedge Brands has a unique model, focusing on providing back-office support to share across the brand portfolio, so owners can focus on growth, not logistics.

This episode is a masterclass in brand building through e-commerce, from Ian who has done it his entire career. He’s stood behind the most iconic brands of our culture such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Converse, TOMS Shoes and MTV.

Don’t miss this conversation where we discuss how to fix your abandon cart rates and convert more customers in the sales funnel. We also digress and touch upon what makes surfing a “Zen” activity.

Some highlights of what we cover:

  • How Wedge Brands helps build businesses for the long-term
  • How Ian applies his iconic expertise to the brand portfolio
  • The importance of being a patient and consistent marketer
  • Successful blocking and tackling tactics of an e-commerce business


About Ian Stewart: Ian Stewart is the CMO of Wedge Brands, a private equity firm managing a portfolio of surf and snow brands that includes Xcel Wetsuits. Prior to Wedge, Ian was the CMO of TOMS Shoes, VP Marketing UGG, and VP Marketing Converse. Ian has also worked in marketing roles at MTV and Coca-Cola.


Connect with Ian on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iansb77/

Check out Xcel Wetsuits here: https://xcelwetsuits.com/ 

Check out here: https://wedgebrands.com/


If you’re a brand looking for market differentiation but don’t know where to begin, this is what the host specializes in. Contact Jacqueline Lieberman at her marketing consultancy www.brandcrudo.com or [email protected].

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