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Podium Nutrition: How to Create a Brand Formula CrossFitters Trust

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This week I’m discussing the power of community with the CMO of Podium Nutrition, Dylan Jones. Podium began by formulating pre and post workout powders born within the CrossFit community. My conversation with Dylan is mini masterclass for how to use audience understanding to make product decisions, develop a marketing strategy and forge like-minded partnerships. Dylan shares insights into how Podium measures customer retention, leveraging the all-important email subscriber list, and how his entrepreneurial ventures fit into his professional purpose.

Some highlights of what we cover:

  • How Podium was built from within the CrossFit community
  • Why supplement brands are so hard to trust
  • How Podium places lots of bets and feeds the marketing winner
  • The importance of treating consumers like VIPs when launching a new brand
  • How having a long-term vision relies in being hyper-intentional in business


About Dylan Jones: Dylan Jones is the CMO of PODIUM Nutrition, an omni-channel modern sports nutrition brand, as well as the Founder of Buddies Snacks Company, set to launch very soon with Buddies Gum.


Connect with Dylan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jylandones/

Find out more about Podium: https://www.321podium.com/


If you’re a brand looking for market differentiation but don’t know where to begin, this is what the host specializes in. Contact Jacqueline Lieberman at her marketing consultancy www.brandcrudo.com or [email protected].

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