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Obsess: The Virtual Storefront Built by Human Curiosity

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In this episode, we’re introduced to the next generation of virtual shopping with Samantha Lerner, the VP of Marketing at Obsess. Obsess builds stunning virtual storefronts that are revolutionizing online shopping experiences for brands such as Coach, Ferragamo, Dyson and Ralph Lauren for example. Samantha shares a mini masterclass on how audience shopping behavior differs in virtual reality and how brands are using Obsess to create deeper relationships with customers.


Key highlights of what we cover:

  • The Power of Creating Emotion with Virtual Reality
  • How to Compete in the Landscape of Virtual Storefronts
  • What the Future of Retail Looks Like with Obsess


About our Guest:

Samantha Lerner Kobrin is an audience-obsessed brand storyteller, with a passion for innovation in content and commerce. She has worked across brand, digital and product teams as a marketing leader at celebrated fashion, food and travel brands of varying sizes—from Barneys New York and Elite World Group, to Baked by Melissa and Skyscanner. Samantha is currently the VP of Marketing at Obsess, an experiential e-commerce platform that enables brands and retailers to create immersive, branded, discovery-driven 3D virtual stores on their websites. Obsess has launched over 300 virtual experiences for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Charlotte Tilbury, J.Crew, Corona and more—driving consumer engagement, brand loyalty and conversion.


Connect with Samantha on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-lerner-kobrin-50866164/


Connect with Obsess on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10689169/


Visit the Obsess Website: https://obsessar.com/


If you’re a brand looking for market differentiation but don’t know where to begin, this is what the host specializes in. Contact Jacqueline Lieberman at her marketing consultancy www.brandcrudo.com or [email protected].

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