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VK Energy Bar: Raising Standards for Good Energy

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This week we explore the intricacies of launching a small business, the power of quality ingredients, and the importance of having a clear purpose with Vikki Krinsky, Chef and Founder of VK Energy Bar. A young actress turned private chef for Hollywood celebrities, Vikki was driven by keeping her client’s energy high and nutrition balanced on grueling days on set. The idea for VK Energy Bars was born when Vikki was tasked to rescue Seth MacFarlane from his caffeine obsession during the filming of his TV show.


Today as a chef and entrepreneur, Vikki is focused on changing the way we think about energy and nutrition. Harnessing the power of energy dynamo Vitamin B12, VK Energy Bars are delicious and thoughtfully made for busy people and long days. Vikki shares invaluable insights from her entrepreneurial journey, from overcoming manufacturing hurdles to staying focused on her mission to elevate everyone’s day with good energy. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and intention.


Key highlights of what we cover:

  • How bootstrapping, passion and self-discovery shaped Vikki's business journey
  • How taking bets on yourself is the best gamble of all
  • Why focus + perseverance is the secret formula every business owner needs


About our Guest:

Vikki Krinsky's journey from the competitive soccer fields to the vibrant world of Hollywood reflects a story of resilience and determination. Originating from South Africa and later settling in Canada, she transitioned from the unpredictability of acting to mastering the culinary arts, earning respect among Hollywood's elite. Throughout her career, she has served renowned celebrities, athletes, and executives, accumulating a wealth of experience and expertise. Motivated by a desire to extend her impact beyond Hollywood, Vikki ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a pioneering Vitamin B12 energy bar company. As a determined solo female founder, she is dedicated to promoting wellness, body positivity, and nutritional balance, sparking conversations that inspire positive change.


You can connect with Vikki on your favorite social platforms @ChefVikkiK or @VKenergybar 


Try out VK Energy Bar at www.vkenergybar.com


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