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The James Brand (P.2): What We Carry Every Day Tells a Story

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In part 2, Ryan returns to discuss how The James Brand balances the needs of the knife community, with new audiences, as they reimagine the traditional pocketknife. Today we cover how sweating the details is key to creating a beloved brand. We discuss Ryan’s vision for his products to help people be a little more in the moment. And how the true role of a business is to generate value and distribute it back out to the world. 

Some highlights of what we cover:

  • How to navigate a marketing strategy for “dangerous goods”
  • Inviting your audience to be “part of the club”
  • Why product longevity is important to customer loyalty
  • The future of The James Brand and what you carry in your pockets


Ryan Coulter is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The James Brand.  He’s spent his career revolving between corporate design and innovation (Burton Snowboards, Nike), consulting and entrepreneurial endeavors. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner and their two children. 


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