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Michael Ventura (P.1): Know Better to Do Better – How Empathy Guides Smart Businesses

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Have you ever brought home a new purchase, only to realize the product designers really missed the mark? We might even say aloud, “what were they THINKING?” My latest guest has created tools and practices every business can employ to avoid these disastrous experiences. The tool is empathy. On this week’s episode Michael Ventura an author, speaker, and empathy facilitator, joins me to discuss how he’s fine-tuned a methodology to turn human understanding into an invaluable business tool.


Some highlights of what we cover:

  • How empathy can be a revenue driver for businesses developing products or services
  • How to ensure empathy practices become part of company culture
  • How to create a welcoming environment for consumers to share their deepest concerns


About Michael Ventura:

For over two decades, Michael Ventura has worked as a leader, facilitator, and educator. Concepts and tools from his first book, Applied Empathy (Simon & Schuster, 2018) have been embraced by influential, respected organizations from the ACLU, Google, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Nike to The United Nations and the Obama Administration. His work focuses on helping leaders and their teams to practice empathy as a means to deepen connection and catalyze change.

Michael's methods have been heralded as a touchstone in a new era of leadership development. Whether working individually, with teams, or societally, he is a committed steward to the positive, transformative power of empathy.


You can connect with Michael in the following ways:

Website: www.MichaelVentura.co

Archive: www.ConsolidatedEggs.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/themichaelventura

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mvmvmv/


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