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Ep. 36 | Camping in Dry Tortugas National Park in the Florida Keys

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I refer to the Dry Tortugas as Americas most exotic National Park as it is 68 miles SW off of Key West - literally a pile of 7 islands and a massive historic brick fort in the middle of the turquoise Carribean waters and a halfway point to Cuba.

To be honest I had never even heard of the Dry Tortugas, so when we began researching what we could do for a week on the Florida Keys, it popped on my radar and we knew we had to go. However the high speed catamaran booking agent laughed at my request telling me that I bookings were available for 2020 (It was January 2019….)

Anyway, I wouldn’t give up when I saw what was possible - a 2 hour high speed catamaran, access to just 8 National Park Campsites, incredible snorkeling, an enormous fortress, sunken ships with gold and treasure and most importantly - an escape from the continental United States to a tropical paradise.

In this week’s episode we will talk about the planning process, making it happen in the face of repeated no’s and what we found in this tropical paradise. For more long form writing, check out this blog on the trip.


Rewilding Parenthood is a podcast for families leading bold and courageous lifestyles. Formerly told as an interview based podcast featuring other families, it’s now pivoted to track the journey of @afueravida, a family of four seeking to rewild themselves through experiences. Each week hosts Colin Boyd and Sofi Aldinio check in from a new location, recording from the road in their 1978 German Emergency Vehicle as they travel a circuitous from Maine to Argentina. Along with stories shared they will cover off on a unique topic to inspire, educate and embolden the Rewilding Parenthood Community.

Rewilding Parenthood was produced by Afuera Vida and hosted by Colin Boyd & Sofi Aldinio. Follow the journey, and podcast highlights on instagram @afueravida.

Editing by Mercedes Riva

Music by Thomas Tyrel and Mercedes Riva

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