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Ep. 34 | Buying an Abandoned Jack Rabbit Cabin in Joshua Tree, CA | Part 3

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So the final episode of this series covers our process navigating the legalities of owning an historic Jack Rabbit recreational cabin the Morongo Valley Basin. As a brief overview of what Jack Rabbit Cabins are and their history I will reference the Jack Rabbit Homestead Audio Project:

BEYOND THE PROLIFERATION of big box chains, car dealerships, fast food joints, and the nameless sprawl located along California State Highway 62 the desert opens up. Out there, where signs of familiar habitation seem to fade from view, a variance appears in the landscape in the form of small, dusty cabins—mostly abandoned and scattered across the landscape. The majority of the existing shacks, historically found throughout the larger region known as the Morongo Basin, lie east of Twentynine Palms in outlying Wonder Valley. The curious presence of these structures indicates that you are entering one of the remaining communities of “jackrabbit homesteads” left in the American West. The mostly derelict structures located among the occasional inhabited ones are the remaining physical evidence of former occupants who were some of the last to receive land from Uncle Sam for a nominal fee through the Small Tract Act of 1938.

While we were aware of the history, we didn’t understand how the county was going to attempt to “upgrade” the housing stock in the valley, specifically targeting Jack Rabbit Cabins with challenging rules and regulations. However, during the process of our build the law changed again and instead of making it more difficult it became easier to transition from a cabin to a Single Family Home and we are in the process of doing so while protecting the historic nature of the cabin.

The @afueravidacasita is available for rent for long and short term throughout the year and we expect to keep this magical place as part of our lifestyle for years to come. The desert provided us with so much to reflect and grow while learning from the pace of life seen in the desert seasons.

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Music by Thomas Tyrel and Mercedes Riva

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