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Ep. 32 | Buying an Abandoned Jack Rabbit Cabin in Joshua Tree, CA | Part 1

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There are moments in life where massive decisions are made in an instant. This was one of them.

When we departed Maine our goal was to connect our cultures by driving to Argentina. What happened in between was left open to the push and pull of life leaving plenty of room for discovery and taking the trails that presented themselves.

In November of last year, weeks before we intended to cross the border to Mexico - Sofi came to me with a listing of an abandoned cabin in Joshua Tree, California. The price was right, but I had never in my mind ever considered living or buying property in the desert.

However, she is a woman with a strong intuition and that afternoon I found myself on the phone with the realtor scheduling a showing for the next afternoon. In this three part episode we talk about our process in finding the Joshua Tree House, why we made the decision to make an offer and our rough plan going into it.

This is part one of a three part series so do come back to learn how we approached the project.

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Rewilding Parenthood is a podcast for families leading bold and courageous lifestyles. Formerly told as an interview based podcast featuring other families, it’s now pivoted to track the journey of @afueravida, a family of four seeking to rewild themselves through experiences. Each week hosts Colin Boyd and Sofi Aldinio check in from a new location, recording from the road in their 1978 German Emergency Vehicle as they travel a circuitous from Maine to Argentina. Along with stories shared they will cover off on a unique topic to inspire, educate and embolden the Rewilding Parenthood Community.

Rewilding Parenthood was produced by Afuera Vida and hosted by Colin Boyd & Sofi Aldinio. Follow the journey, and podcast highlights on instagram @afueravida.

Editing by Mercedes Riva

Music by Thomas Tyrel and Mercedes Riva

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