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Ep. 29 | Surviving Your First Vanlife Breakdown

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We recorded this episode in the stunning location of Page, AZ - a place where the Lake Powell is held back by the Glen Canyon dam, birthing the start of the Grand Canyon paddling trip in the Colorado River below. This week we will cover our journey from waking up for sunrise at the Grand Canyon the week it re-opened after the Coronavirus lock down, our travels with our dear friends @SimplyUsAndABus and then drop into the theme of the week - surviving breakdowns while living on the road.

Breakdowns are inevitable. And having a proactive approach/ roll with it attitude will ensure positive outcomes. In this particular breakdown we were grounded for five days because of an issue with our starter. This was the second starter repair in about a month, which initially felt frustrating, however it was a blessing in disguise because it meant I was capable of handling the repair because I had already been mentored through the first one prior to leaving Maine. We ordered a new one, upgraded a number of other parts of the van needing our attention and then dropped in the new part the day it arrived. What could have been a negative experience felt like a vacation for us as we had been none stop for months on end.


Rewilding Parenthood is a podcast for families leading bold and courageous lifestyles. Formerly told as an interview based podcast featuring other families, it’s now pivoted to track the journey of @afueravida, a family of four seeking to rewild themselves through experiences. Each week hosts Colin Boyd and Sofi Aldinio check in from a new location, recording from the road in their 1978 German Emergency Vehicle as they travel a circuitous from Maine to Argentina. Along with stories shared they will cover off on a unique topic to inspire, educate and embolden the Rewilding Parenthood Community.

Rewilding Parenthood was produced by Afuera Vida and hosted by Colin Boyd & Sofi Aldinio. Follow the journey, and podcast highlights on instagram @afueravida.

Music by Thomas Tyrel and Mercedes Riva

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