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Ep. 31 | How to Pull Through a Desert Storm with Kids in Moab, UT

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This storm was perhaps one of the most violent storms I’ve experienced in my 33 years on Earth - and to share the experience - exposed to the elements with my five and two year old sons - felt deserving of a podcast episode.

We recorded in Moab, Utah nestled between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. We share our plans to paddle the Green River, marching in the local Black Lives Matter protest, and of course the highlights of the last week.

One of those was the storm. It lasted under an hour. It was a blip in time. However it left an impact on all of us. It illustrated the strength of nature that surrounds us. It scared us. It showed that nothing should be taken for granted. And of course, it provided a good story to share on the Rewilding Parenthood Podcast.


Rewilding Parenthood is a podcast for families leading bold and courageous lifestyles. Formerly told as an interview based podcast featuring other families, it’s now pivoted to track the journey of @afueravida, a family of four seeking to rewild themselves through experiences. Each week hosts Colin Boyd and Sofi Aldinio check in from a new location, recording from the road in their 1978 German Emergency Vehicle as they travel a circuitous from Maine to Argentina. Along with stories shared they will cover off on a unique topic to inspire, educate and embolden the Rewilding Parenthood Community.

Rewilding Parenthood was produced by Afuera Vida and hosted by Colin Boyd & Sofi Aldinio. Follow the journey, and podcast highlights on instagram @afueravida.

Music by Thomas Tyrel and Mercedes Riva

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