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S2 Ep75: So long for now…

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Show Notes:
01:45   Shay at the Austin REVOLUTION Film Festival (not Austin Film Festival as stated in the podcast).
03:27   Going off air for a bit, but catch us on other social media, and at
04:38   Maggie's epic, 120 mile jet ski adventure! 
07:43   Dan recounts jet skiing on Lake Powell.
09:30   Listener question from Leah: Tips for waking up early for flights?
14:40   Listener question from Nick: What’s the Atlanta airport like?
17:10   Listener follow up from Izzy on her final exams.
17:40   Listener question from Catherine on how to be confidence when giving a speech.
19:10   Maggie’s High School Debate Club story.
24:15   When Mags was in “13 the Musical.” 
26:02   Listener question from Emily on parenting tactics – spanking specifically. (BTW, Shay was spanked until her parents discovered grounding her was more painful and successful.)
39:54   Listener question from Mary about Dan’s weekly videos on LinkedIn and Facebook.
44:55   Pickleball courts closed due to an “altercation.”

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